Saturday, 7 March 2009

Evaluation/Reflection of the First Year

At the start of the year I think that I underestimated how much more this year demands. I think that I was too laid back at the start of the year and did not push myself or put enough effort in. I feel that due to this my first two marks from the poster project and the greeting cards reflected this.

At the start of the poster project I found that I kept changing my idea, which meant that when I had the final idea of an illiteracy awareness campaign and carried out some research I didn’t really have enough time to spend on the development stage. My feedback reflected this!

The second project was the greeting cards; at the start of this project it was still fresh in my mind that I need to settle on an idea fairly early on to allow for development.  I went with the theme of 2012 Olympics, alto at the start I was un aware of what occasion they could be for, so I decided to just design them as ‘blank cards’.  Towards the end of this unit in one of the crits it was brought to my attention that I could not use the existing logo of the rings and should think of other ways of implying Olympics without their logo. I didn’t really have the time to resign my cards to a high standard so I had to hand in something I was not happy with.

I felt that the final task of this unit, which was the animal packaging one, was by far my best. I was excited to learn about the process of designing packaging, as it was something I had previously not really thought about. I found it interesting learning about nets and how to place your design so it fits. My time management was spot on in this unit and this was a turning point. I found that I was not only meeting the deadlines the course set but my own. Due to this I had plenty of time in every stage in the project. I was also a lot more committed to this unit and the comments reflected this.

I feel that without the last unit incorporated to pull my mark up I would probably have failed or got a much lower mark. At the time when I received the feedback from this unit It was quite depressing and I was very de motivated. Although I had to take the positives, which were; the way I approached the last project (animal) was I should apply myself like that in the upcoming ones. Also that this would only be a small percentage of my overall final grade.

For the web unit I wanted to put my first two project behind me, and start where I left off with the animal one and approach it in the same way. I was very excited about this unit and learning the technical aspects of making you designs functional. During my Work placement at the end of last year I designed a few pages for a furniture company in photoshop at and I remember afterwards wanting to see what it would be like functioning. I found the researching side of this project very interesting, I enjoyed learning about web design and what makes a good website, and how the importance of a particular aspect can change depending on the purpose of the site. I was very motivated to produce a high standard website as it would be very important to me in the future.

I think that again I approached this unit in a very organized way and I was very pleased with my time management. I am still extremely happy with my final design I worked really hard on it. I was quite pleased with the mark I got for it although it only contributed 15% of my final mark.

I felt very positive about starting my professional project as I am confident that now I have developed much better time management skills which has meant that I have been a lot happier with my last outcomes. I feel that my portfolio has got a lot stronger this year and I have improved greatly as a designer.

This year I also attempted a ‘live brief’ as I wanted to see first hand what is involved when designing for a client. I designed a logo for ‘Tasty Marketing’. I found this very exciting as I was on a tight deadline while also having other work to complete. This defiantly helped me as a designer as in the industry it is very unlikely that I will get large amounts of time and I would also have more that one think on at once!

Another thing I wanted to achieve this year is to successfully enter a competition brief. For this I worked in a group with Ben, Rob and later joined by Chris. We started very well with this project; we had a strong concept of sexual innuendos to sell smoothies to 16-25 year olds. Although this unit started to drag on. Throughout this brief we had numerous visiting lectures which we felt we should use to our advantage, by getting as much advise as possible. I feel that although we were fortunate to have this help available we shouldn’t have let it change our minds so easily. At the start when we first had our idea of sexual innuendos Michael Ryan thought that this was a very strong concept and so did we and we were very excited to run with this; then we had another lecturer who was more illustration based as she felt that we should go down the road of bursting colours, liveliness like current campaigns so we started researching into this. We then started to run with this idea and developed initial ideas/ early posters to this. The we felt it was to main stream and just replicating what was already around, and we started looking into using photography – black and white images using colour to get the message across of the product and its appeal. In hindsight I wish we just stuck with our original idea and developed that more before getting more advice. We still plan to finish off our posters in the next couple of days and then submit them.

I think that the past year has pushed me as a designer and strengthened my portfolio massively. I have learned new skills such as what’s involved with designing packaging, and websites. I have broadened my understanding of website building software such as Dreamweaver and also how to build them in flash. I have found the website unit to be extremely stimulating and It is defiantly something I want to explore further. I plan to move to the 3rd year Graphic Design BA course next year to further my understanding of design and prepare me for a carrier in Graphic Design. I look forward to continuing with my professional project.



I have been ill over the past few days and I have now completed my updated curriculum vitae to include in my PPRD hand in. I have removed any unnecessary information such as past job history which is not relevant. After defining the content of the CV I started designing how it should look. I wanted it to reflect my 'identity' i gave myself in the website unit. I used the same font and my surname, along with the red lines to help stand out. I also used a more suited body text. I have a copy below.    

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Professional Project - development

This week I’ve been continuing the back ground research and I plan to have all the dates I will be including on my timeline by 09/03/09, so that I can then start on the designing of it and then on to the exhibition material.

I also got in contact with the Type Museum but I fund this very unhelpful I asked for any brochures/ leaflets/ info etc which they could send me, also I asked if they could let me know when it re opens as it’s only temporarily shut.


Dear Alistair

Regretably we have no listing of what is held at the Type Museum. It has 3 major collections:-

Monotype matrix making machinery (still used) for production of small and large composition

of all the hot metal typefaces Monotype ever cut.

Hand made punches made over the last 200/300 years by Stephenson Blake together with matrices.

Wood letter cutting pantograph and all patterns made by De Little, the last producer of wood letter.


Duncan Avery

I then replied asking again for when they expect to open to the public?....I am still awaiting a reply.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tasty Marketing - Presentation

Today after the portfolio lecture I had the presentation of my logo’s to ‘Tasty Marketing’. As the Managing Director only had about half an hour for the presentations and as there were only three of us presenting we decided to all go in together.


I was surprised at how laid back it was, as I had never done this before I was unsure of what to expect beforehand and this was a very informal meeting. We took it in turns to present our work and it was more of a discussion what elements worked etc.


I was very pleased with the feedback mine got, as it was very positive:


-       Liked the overall concept of joining the two middle letters as they could be pushed and used as bullet points etc.

-       She was very happy with the logo I did which had a ‘bite’ taken out of it – said it was something that her team didn’t think about.


After the presentation she took our work away and said her next steps were to go back to her own design team and present what we had shown to her. As she liked elements of everyone’s ideas and wants to combine them, rather than just picking one.


I found this very helpful as I received very positive feed back and as it was my first meeting with a client, my first attempt of logo design and being restricted by a brief for a client I felt that I had gained a lot of things from one short brief. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Live Brief Development - Tasty Marketing


Over the past few days I have been working on the ‘Tasty Marketing’ brief and I have organized to attend the presentation to the director of ‘Tasty Marketing and Matt Desmier. I am very pleased with the logos I have got together (above), as this was my first attempt of creating an identity through a logo.


It is something that I have enjoyed designing and I have also enjoyed the restraints of a brief, which has already been laid out. I have only designed the logos as I would rather present one strong piece, than a couple of alright bits of work. 


I stared of by exploring fun friendly typefaces, although I found that they started looking a bit childish and unprofessional – although they want the appearance of being a fun, marketing team the logo should also show that they are serious as well.


After this I went with an easy to read typeface and created a fun/ friendly logo by adapting the overall look. I am very happy with the progression of these logos and I am looking forward to present the best logos tomorrow and also getting some feedback. 

Portfolio Lecture

To day I came in to go to a lecture from the ex-creative director from marketing matters based around portfolios. Luckily I got there nice and early because it was so popular that they had to turn students awa!y This talk was extremely helpful and demonstrated: what to include in my portfolio, how best to present myself and how to get a interview etc. These are some key pointers I took:

5 main rules for a good portfolio:

1)   Only include work that you are 100% happy with – even if it means taking less work!

2)   Don’t show anyone else’s work but your own.  – Group work is fine but make sure you tell the interviewer that you did it in a group.

3)   Memorize at least two things about each peace of work.

4)   Include about 8-10 peaces of work – (don’t struggle to make 8 if your not 100% happy don’t include it)

5)   Demonstrate thinking and show your development to the final solution.


Another thing about the portfolio: start with your favourite work, then the work that is alright put in the middle and finish with your best.


Remember your not the finished article so don’t try be someone your not.

Research into the company Find out who there top clients are, ask questions to show that you know a bit about the business already.

Criticism – learn how to ‘take it’ its not personal! Try find out what they don’t like and why.

Be aware that you are young, eager to learn. directors also like that you are cheap.

Turn up early.

Have a good attitude – show you are interested in design

Show your hungry for the job.